Are You feeling sad, anxious and overwhelmed?
are you looking for?
  • ​A solution that can give long lasting results
  • Something that doesn't involve any side affects
  • ​Where you don't become dependent on the solution
  • ​A method that addresses the underlying root causes of your challenges
  • ​Something that does not require you to visit the practitioner every single week
Why has nothing worked thus far?
  • ​Pills don't address the underlying cause. They just address the symptoms
  • The side effects of medications are horrendous
  • ​Once you start taking pills, your body becomes dependent on them
  • Yoga and Meditations are great but again, they only provide Temporary Relief
  • ​Most alternative healing methods take weeks before you notice any improvement
ever felt HOPELESS?
Have there been days when you just prayed for a Miracle but it felt like No One is listening?
When you are feeling sad, pressured, frustrated and frazzled day in and day out and no one is able to help you, you start to feel lonely.

While you know what you are feeling and it isn't good, you don't know how to overcome it. And no matter what method you try, it just simply doesn't seem to work.

Waking up with sadness and unpleasant feelings every single day makes you wonder how long can you carry on like this. 
My Doctors had told me that I will need to  be dependent on medicines for the rest of my life
  I discovered the root cause and it changed my life...

  There were negative thought patterns hiding deep inside my subconscious mind which were creating a havoc in my body. I was losing weight to dangerous levels, was feeling dizzy and  it seemed to me that my life will end...

  I Healed Myself Naturally Without Any Medicines  and now I help others do the same
this worked for me
I wanted to find a solution that would give me long lasting healing without any surgery or medicines.
zeeshan raza,
My name is Zeeshan Raza.

I am a Certified Emotion Code Practitioner and a Subconscious Release Technique (SRT) Coach.

A few years ago, I was diagnosed with hyperthyroid. When I had my first meeting with my doctor, he told me that the only solution was to undergo a surgery and then be dependent on medicines for the rest of my life.

I knew there has to be another way. I finally discovered that Naturopaths had been able to help with this issue. I found a Naturopath close to my home. I was extremely disappointed when she told me that there is no possible way to healing me naturally. 

I tried different methods suggested by people online but my condition continued to deteriorate.
I did not give up and continued to learn and research.

Finally after months of research, I came across a process and decided to use it on myself. 

To my surprise, my health started to get better. As my blood reports continued to show improvement, I knew I had found the solution.

Within 6 months I was completely healed. I do not take any medicines!
I Healed Myself Naturally Without Any Surgeries or Medicines In A Period Of 6 Months.
Can you imagine feeling energized, happy and joyful every single day?
Regardless of what's going on around you!

"After only 2 sessions, the changes I feel are incredible! In one week, I did more than in a whole year! My energy level and confidence have increased significantly. Thank you, Raza for these wonderful changes!"
Andreea Marinescu
Calimanesti, Romania
"I had been asked to perform with a world famous comedian in front of about 1,500 people. I was stressed and didn't know if I will be able to perform. Zeeshan helped me overcome my fears. I delivered even better than what I had expected"
Zulfiqar Ali
Toronto, Canada
At some points, I felt like giving up. Now, with Zeeshan’s help, and hard work on my side, I’m feeling as I didn’t feel in a really long time. Thanks Zeeshan, I’m really, really grateful. 
Marisela Juarez
Ontario Canada

What's the Solution?

Just about everyone has some amount of Emotional baggage from painful life events, right? 

Emotional baggage is very Real, and although it's invisible it can easily disrupt your Happiness, your progress in life, your Health, finances or even your Relationships.

It's like lugging around a box of negative emotions from every difficult event you've gone through; eventually the load gets too Heavy not to notice.

Examples of Events That Create Emotional Baggage

  • Hurtful memories from early childhood like mom and dad fighting over money
  • ​​Emotionally intense situations like mom and dad separating or getting a divorce when you were less than 10 years of age 
  • ​Losing a close friend or family member
  • ​Breakup in a relationship especially when you were intensely in love with that person
  • ​A business failure leading to financial challenges or crisis
  • ​Lose of a job resulting in domestic violence or family challenges
  • ​Diagnosis for you or a loved one with a serious disease

How Is Emotional Baggage Released?

Emotional Baggage can be released by a revolutionary method called Subconscious Release Technique or SRT.

During the session, I follow a specific process through which I identify those negative thoughts and programs that are really the cause of feelings of sadness, frustration, anxiety, guilt and grief etc.

Once identified, I use a step by step system that releases these negative energies from the client's body. Most clients yawn during the session clearly indicating the process of release taking place.

Clients report feeling light, relaxed, refreshed and full of energy after sessions.

Each session takes between 50 to 60 minutes.

Sessions are conduced via video call online via Zoom or Skype

No matter where you are in the world, I can help you with SRT!
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